Smashing the Box

Meet Robertho Sineus our strategic planner. His role at Godzspeed is journey with our clients in the discovery of themselves. In order to cut through all of the noise preventing our clients from really seeing themselves he needs to think outside-of-the-box, and listen deeply. This is how he does what he do!

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Thomas Cumberbatch was born in Ottawa, Canada to Caribbean parents. He’s a husband, father, and lover of art who serves as the CEO/creative director at Godzspeed Communications, a branding and digital media firm. At Godzspeed they’re obsessed with identity and purpose. They connect with their clients on intimate yet analytical levels to convey the soul of their corporate and/or personal brands through strategy, art and digital media. Thomas firmly believes that “inspiration is the currency of creative thought” and leads a life that engenders inspiration and creativity.

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